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External projects in collaboration with industrial/clinical partners


BM/d works in tight collaboration with industrial partners in research fields such as home monitoring by unobtrusive technology or patient monitoring by ultrasound. You may therefore apply for a graduation project in collaboration with one of our industrial partners. Students interested in external projects must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

• All courses completed before starting the project

• Average grade over all the courses: 7 or higher

• Grade 7 or higher for the following courses:

 5SSC0 Adaptive Array Signal Processing

 5SSB0 Adaptive Information Processing

 5LSA0 Statistical Signal Processing

If all these requirements are met, you may contact Linda Eerikäinen (l.m.eerikainen (at) tue.nl) for further information. Please, send a list of your completed courses with grades, curriculum vitae, and express in which of the research fields you are mostly interested.


Erasmus projects abroad


Depending on the period, external projects may be available by our academic partners abroad (Italy, Romania, France etc.). For information on project availability, please contact m.mischi@tue.nl. An excellent match is required between the specific project and the candidate technical background.