18-2-2014 Care and Cure Best Poster Award

Full podium at the faculty Care and Cure Poster Award! Not easy given the level and number (23) of the received abstracts. Congratulations to
1. H.B. Kause, O.G. Filatova, R. Duits, L.C.M. Bruurmijn, A. Fuster, J.J.M. Westenberg, L.M.J. Florack, H.C. van Assen, Gabor transform based myocardial strain assessment from tagging MRI
2. Schalk S.G., M. Smeenge, J.J.C.M.H. de la Rosette, H. Wijkstra, M. Mischi, Registration of ultrasound and histology images for validation of prostate-cancer imaging techniques
3. M.J. Rooijakkers, C. Rabotti, M. Mischi, Low‐complexity intrauterine pressure estimation using the Teager energy operator