As part of the Signal Processing Systems Group of the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Biomedical Diagnostics Research Team is dedicated to modeling and analysis of biomedical signals. The main areas of interest are imaging and electrophysiology, with special focus on model-based monitoring. The main application domains are oncology, cardiovascular, pregnancy, sleep, and neuromuscular research.

The research team is coordinated by Dr. Mischi with the support of experienced researchers in the areas of signal analysis (Dr. Rabotti), image analysis (Dr. Arsenali), pattern recognition (Dr. Vullings), and adaptive signal processing (Dr. Xu).

Clinical relevance is a major commitment for the team. It is achieved through tight interactive collaboration with several clinical and industrial partners in all Europe, strengthened by important connections with selected advisors from the clinical and industrial world.

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Double Award from the IEEE EMBS for Ruud van Sloun and Simona Turco!
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Nature publication for BM/d!
Libertario Demi, Ruud J. G. Van Sloun, Hessel Wijkstra, Massimo Mischi, "Towards dynamoc contrast specific ultrasound tomography," Nature: Scientific Reports, 6:34458, DOI: 10.1038/srep34458. ... more
EE Best Poster Award 2016 to Ruud van Sloun!
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